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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nexus One - WIN! Nexus One with jangly bling bits - AWESOME!

..or so my better half would say!

Google/HTC Nexus One is an amazing phone. I love it. Along with whatever Apple are announcing next week I really think it will be a big factor behind augmented reality and always-on mobile internet going mainstream in 2010.

But I do agree with Dvorak who made the point that the Nexus One is slippery and easy to drop, so the fact that Google/HTC packed in every feature but the kitchen sink but did not include a lanyard point is a major FAIL.

But not just for practical reasons... for some, the wrist strap is just a great way to bling your phone.

My partner has a handful of bells, pets and chains hanging out of her blackberry. I'm sure if she got a Nexus it would end up looking like this..

But all her excitement for the phone disappeared when she discovered there's no lanyard point to make this possible. Not interested!!

Did Apple start this trend of "smartphones don't need a lanyard point"? I'm sure Steve would hate to see all those jangly bits falling out of one of his devices.

Come to think of it, maybe there's some cunning google geek logic at work..
No lanyard point = less chance of the phone being purloined by the gf/wife!

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