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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cloud Computing - Why IT Matters

I caught Simon Wardley's presentation from OSCON on the IT Conversations Network; you can see in video below. He's an engaging speaker, and I think his characterisation of Cloud Computing as nothing less than a cultural transformation akin to the Industrial Revolution is spot on.

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Noons said...

Lovely! Another clown, masquerading as an "expert"...

So now: the definition of service bureaus created in the 60s, is totally ignored in favour of calling it "utility computing".

And we are told that providing a CRM service through the cloud is something you can achieve with Ubuntu's - an operating system! - software.

When can we break out the tar and feathers?

Tim... said...


I thought it was a decent overview. It would be nice if most of the people harping on about cloud were as clear as this guy.

Noons: Regarding the Ubuntu issue, I didn't see it like that. Sounded to me like he was just saying you can play with Amazon-style provisioning in-house using Ubuntu to me. Maybe I missed the point. :)

Thanks for the post. :)



Paul said...

Hi Noons, Tim, thanks for dropping by!

Noons, appreciate the prod at anything hypey;-) But when I listened to this I just enjoyed the jokes ... and thought he made a good point that the cloud is not actually about any specific technology (whatever you call it - utility, cloud, service bureau, virtualisation etc), but is a major socio-ecomomic transformation. That's the way I'm seeing it anyway..

There was some bare metal discussion of the (then) up and coming ubuntu cloud on FLOSS 99 - agree with Tim that I think it's really an infrastructure play (albeit with some services for end-users).

Madison said...

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