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Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes, of course we have an open social media policy

We embrace openness and customer engagement using the latest social media tools such as twitter, facebook and blogs*

* subject to prior approval, review, certain topic restrictions and we reserve the right to change our mind, terminating your network or your employment, now or at any time in the future. Have a nice day.

Tom Fishburne perfectly captures the reality of how many big companies really work. This may be painfully funny, but sadly I don't think it's all fiction...


spkv9xz9 said...

I am Amane Matsumoto. I am from Japan.
I am makie-shi (Japanese lacquer artist) and shoka(Japanese calligrapher).
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Japanese lacquer art is made with gold ,silver ,platinum and so on.
The subjects I pick are very often nature.

I admire Mr.Lawrence Joseph Ellison in every way.
I am very happy that he research and learn
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I'd like to ask him to become my patron.
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I sent my work(sho) and the photograph of my work(urushi)to Oracle head office. But I hardly ever get back his reply.
It may be that he doesn't get my photos and works.

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Paul said...

Amane-san, you must already know that Mr Lawrence Ellison is probably too busy to read your spam messages to my blog.

I know he is famous for his pursuit of zen. But when I look at the latest 11g product launches, I wonder.

I pray to support your quest for enlightenment. But if Larry does actually read this ... please, forget this numchuck and give $1m seed funding for my next great idea, ne?