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Sunday, July 12, 2009

ChordMaster 2000 - the sexy way to learn guitar chords

So this weekend I've dressed up jTab as a little web application to help you learn chord fingerings for guitar...

Introducing the ChordMaster 2000 ;-)

OK, so maybe I sexed up the design and UI a little too much for such a simple task, but it was fun to see how far I could go with javascript and SVG (and no flash or silverlight).

It was also a proof point for jTab - the javascript library I released last week that renders arbitrary guitar chord and tab using SVG. Happily, it worked fine without a tweak - just some extension methods that are specific to the ChordMaster application (like getting an array of all chords that are defined as "intermediate" level).

PS: big thanks to @jasonong who's jumped in and already made some great contributions to the jTab project on github -- It's amazing to see github rock as a "social coding" platform - create a public project one day, have changes to merge back the next. Trivial to do with git, and the great visualisation of the project revision/branch history makes merging so easy to understand.


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Thanks Nick.

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