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Sunday, March 20, 2011

jQuery UI AddToCalendar update

Thanks to nfarina for a patch to improve compatibility with older IE versions.. jQuery UI AddToCal widget is stepped to 0.1.1 and now listed in the jQuery plugin store.

To recap .. use AddToCal if you want to offer your website visitors the ability to add any events you list or present on your site to their own calendar. It supports Google Calendar, Microsoft Live Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, 30boxes, any iCal or vCalendar compatible desktop application (and you can extend it to support any special calendar software you might be dealing with).

See my previous post that describes how to use it in a bit more detail..

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Frederick said...

How does one use coldfusion or php to generate the correct information in the ics.erb or vcs.erb files. I am not familiar with RoR so looking at the provided example is not helpful to me.
Thanks, Frederick

Paul said...

Hi Frederick. Sorry I have the reverse problem .. not to familiar with the current state of the art in php or coldfusion.

But basically, you should be able to check the structure I included in previous post or the ics/vcs specs and then the challenge is just being able to generate the required response given your favourite web technology.