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Friday, February 27, 2009

Like you scroll wheel? You want KatMouse!

I just heard about KatMouse on Security Now! #182.

I type fast, but love my mouse ( ... and there has been lot's of controversy about the numeric keyboard getting in the way too).

That means I'm a scroll-wheel addict. Till now, I just accepted the fact that it doesn't kick in all the times I would naturally expect it to work, like old applications, or in controls or windows that don;t have focus.

As soon as I heard Steve talk about KatMouse I knew I just had to get it. Two minutes later, it is installed and I'm loving it!

Best feature: when I have overlapping windows, I can scroll whichever window the mouse is over. Doesn't have to be in focus. Beautiful! This is how the scroll wheel should have worked all along;-)


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