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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blog Stats

I want a t-shirt just like this for my birthday, except I'd change it to "..than MY blog" and add my url;-).

Originally posted on Prata Life..


Gavin said...

At least you battle on and continue blogging, not caring if anyone is reading (even though we are...) I just realised my last blog was almost a year ago... can I still call myself a blogger?

Paul said...

Perhaps the question is ... do you still want to be called a "blogger"? Getting a bit old school don't you think!

Nowdays don't you need to be a

Social Network Web Design said...

You can have your own shirt customized with your own statement. I don't think blogging is becoming old school..there are just a lot of new additions, but blogging is here to stay.

Paul said...

Oh, I don't think blogging is going away. It's just not the bleeding edge anymore ... which makes it all the funnier when big companies now try to market themselves as "web 2.0 savvy" by saying ".. and we have BLOGS!!"

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Anonymous said...

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