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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paranoid Yak Shaving

So a few weeks ago I found myself wanting "soft-delete" in a Rails app. Ruby Toolbox is a little long in the tooth on the subject, but after a little more research I discovered xpond's paranoid project that was just what I wanted:
  • packaged as a gem, not a plugin

  • built for Rails 3 (arel-aware in particular)

  • can be selectively applied to your models

All was cool, except at about the same time we updated to Rails 3.0.3 and it broke (as it turned out, due to changes in AREL 2.0.6 internals).

One of the beautiful things about github and the way it's been adopted by the ruby/rails community in particular is that it makes it so damn easy to just dive in and help update code originally contributed by other people. So paranoid needs updating for Rails 3.0.3? No problem - fork it, diagnose the issue and push your fixes back up to github.

But that's also a great recipe for yak shaving ;-)

The fixes are yet to make it into the released gem, but if you desparately need 3.0.3 support you can install from my repo. i.e. in your Gemfile:

gem 'paranoid', '~> 0.0.10', :require => 'paranoid', :git => 'git://'

Blogarhythm: Paranoid (of course - but this is the bluegrass version!)